Exercise I. Read the sentences, observe the correct pronunciation.

1. There are twelve months in a year. 2. There are four seasons in a year. 3. There are sixty minutes in an hour. 4. Is there a farm beyond the forest? 5. Are there any mistakes in your dictation? 6. On my table there are two exercise-books and a text-book. 7. In a fortnight there are two weeks. 8. In a month there are four weeks. 9. Are there thirty days in November? 10. Is there a blackboard in the room? 11. There are some flowers on the window. 12. Under the window there is a radiator.

Exercise II. Confirm the following statements using "there + to be".

1. You've got a book in front of you. 2. You've got many foreign books in your library. 3. You've got various animals at home. 4. She has got three mistakes in her test. 5. You've got no laboratory on the floor. 6. She's got no mistakes in her reading. 7. You can see a farm near the forest. 8. You can see a lot of interesting pictures in this book. 9. You can see nobody in this room. 10. You can see a large family in this picture. 11. You can't see any mistakes in her test. 12. You can see many countries on this map.

Exercise III. Read the questions and answer them.

1. Are there windows in your classroom? 2. Is there a blackboard on the wall? 3. Is there any chalk at the blackboard? 4. Is there a duster at the blackboard? 5. Is there a bookcase in the room? 6. Are there any pictures on the wall? 7. Is there a map on the wall? 8. Is there a tape-recorder on the table? 9. Are there many desks in your classroom? 10. Are there many books on your table? 11. Are there any flowers on the window? 12. Are there any flowers on the teacher's table? 13. Is there a teacher in the room?